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Featured Topic: Reflect the Son

Jesus was perfect! He had no character flaws! As Christians, we are to become more like Jesus. By understanding His personality, we will learn to live a life that imitates Christ and takes on His character.

Other Speaking Topics

  • He’s the Lifter of My Head
    Discovering joy by turning to God during times of depression and heartache.
  • Step Into His Presence!
    Enter the Holy of Holies and be a representative for Him.
  • Simplify Your Life! Magnify the Savior!
    Learning to let go and let God.
  • Praise is the Language of the Heart Set Free!
    Finding freedom in Christ through praise.
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving
    Re-gift the gift of Christ.
  • Be a Grace Dispenser
    Live a life of forgiveness and be forgiven.
  • Identity! Integrity! Influence!
    Know who you are to make a difference in the lives around you.

Note: If you have a special subject, topic, event, or retreat, Beverly can develop a message for you.